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Thursday, October 19, 2017

10/18/17 City Forest

Sunny and 60 degrees. We are dog sitting Cooper so we headed for an easy outing at the beaver pond.

Leaves are almost gone as we near stick season ( time between end of fall colors and snow)

First things first

Cooper got a drink but was not interested in getting in.

These ducks were not bothered by the dogs and kept on eating

They were both interested in the same smells

Attempted to hike further - Cooper was willing but Kelley didn't get far before sitting down and letting us know she didn't want to hike.

So back to the pond for one more dip before we head for the car.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

10/16/17 Caribou Bog

Chilly morning - 50 degrees, windy, and mostly cloudy.

A little color at the start of the trail

The first pond we come to

Reindeer Lichen

Leaf strewn trail

Another section of trail - I think the bike people build these bridges

Catching up

Yhis memorial is in a field all by itself.

Unknown weeds

Black Pond

  • Kelley did well today, though she slowed a little near the end. This was a little over an hour and that seems to be the right amount for her now.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

10/14/17 Snowmobile Trail Along the Kenduskeag

Cloudy sixties. We hadn't been here in awhile and it's close to home. We use it more in winter when the snowmobiles pack the snow for nice footing.

Some color but it's been more subdued this year - they say because of warmer than normal fall.

Wildflowers about finished so it's clover

and weeds

As we neared the spot that overlooks the stream Kelley was lagging behind

In spite of substantial rain a few days ago the stream is still very low. Kelley was ready to go back so we did.

There were spots of red

but mostly yellows

A pleasant outing with some water for Kelley

Thursday, October 12, 2017

10/12/17 Fitts Pond and Camp Roosevelt

Sunny and lower 50's. We had nit been here in a long while but I knew there would be water. We park at the end of the Fitts Pond and after Kelley has a swim we hike  either around the pond or up Blackcap Mountain. We have also done hikes on trails within the camp and since those are easier that's what we did today. No scouts here this time of year.

I did not bring a map and we just headed out.  We found the Blue and Gold Trail which I knew lead to a pond and took that. But we ended up losing the trail and wandered around a bit until we found it again and then took it to the pond for another dip for Kelley.This was a very pleasant hike through fairly dense woods.  As I was taking picture of Kelley in the pond my camera battery gave out ( has never happened with this camera before) . OK we will just have pics from first half of the hike.

When we got home I took some pictures of a chile plant and blossoms and after I processed them I formatted the disc, forgetting that the hike pictures were also on the disc. So ....No pictures.

It was a nice hike on a beautiful day and Kelley did well.

Here is Kelley in Fitts Pond four years ago

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

10/10/17 Newport-Dover Fox-Croft Rail Trail

Upper sixties and mostly sunny after our much needed rain. Had to go to Newport to Pick up Kelley's meds at the vet and we pass this trail on the way.

Colors are still a bit muted - said to be result of too warm fall. Many trees not changing color and just dropping leaves.

After the rain

Sebasticook Lake

Kelley stayed in the water longer than usual

A bunch of leaves in the water

The lake again

and again

This sumac was  brightest thing around

A pleasant little outing - the bank down to the lake is mostly steep and I went down some stairs to get pics of the lake. When I looked up Kelley had got down the bank but after her swim had a hard time finding a way back up to the trail - the stairs were too narrow and steep.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

10/7/17 Partridge and Ducktail Ponds

Mid 60's and cloudy. The start of the trail looked pretty green yet.

Some isolated leaves

But when we got to the pond there was color

The water was very low here too - the rocks in foreground and just behind Kelley would normally be under water

Looking up the pond

An isolated tree

Another illustration of the water level

Kelley had done very well but seemed to be slowing down so I planned to skip Ducktail today but when we got to the trail she wanted to go so we did.

More low water

but enough for Kelley

More leaves on the way out

Kelley did well today for an a  little over two hour hike ( partly chat time with folks we met on the trail.